Resource Associates Teambuilding

    Resource Associates Teambuilding

Resource International specializes in assisting leaders and their direct reports to produce greater results through a balance of authority and collaboration. Having received the highest trainer evaluations from ExxonMobil each year for 33 years, RI consultants have extensive experience:
  • Integrating new executives with their supervisor and teams,
  • Coaching leaders and teams to balance authority and collaboration,
  • Designing and facilitating corporate and association meetings,
  • Facilitating team development work sessions that deal with real-work issues,
    while developing new skills and knowledge, and,
  • Training that is engaging, relevant, productive, & fun
Whether working closely with blue collar workers, coaching managers and supervisors, or consulting with the board of directors, RI consultants identify sources of organizational and individual ineffectiveness which may be overlooked by the company or which the organization has not discovered how to address successfully. RI's goal is to save the client both time and money while increasing productivity and satisfaction.

Let Us Explore With You How We Might Help:
Give Dr. Rob Pennington a call at 713-305-5117
or email him.

More video and audio references are available.


First in a series of articles created for Business Forms Management Association on Getting the Cooperation You Need To Succeed on

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