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Self-Scoring and Online Instruments

Based on decades of experience working with organizational leaders in corporations, government and education fields, RI consultants have discovered two powerful collections of tools for providing insight and wisdom about oneself.  These are self-scoring instruments offered by Inscape Publishing and online instruments by ARCH Profiles. 

You can download a PDF catalog of the 40 different tests and profiles offered by ARCH Profiles. RI will soon have the capability to provide these tests online to you in the very near future from our own web site. Click on the "Contact Us" link to the left and send us an email and we'll let you know when this service is available.

Resource International has been an Inscape Publishing distributor for 15 years. We specialize in enhancing your organization's effectiveness through the use of the following Inscape products. You can download e-brochures for the following Inscape Publishing self-scoring instruments available through RI. You can also download a price sheet. Please give us a call at 713-305-5117 (Rob's cellphone) and let us know which instrument you would like to order.

Team Dimensions Profile®
Successful team members don't do the same thing at the same time. They do the right thing at the right time. And while team members work together toward a common goal, individuals still must play their individual roles in the process. As organizations rely more and more on teams to innovate, problem solve, produce, and compete at the speed of change, clearly understanding and capitalizing on individual approaches to group processes is the bottom line on creating high performance teams.
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Work Expectations Profile®
Work expectations are those things people consider likely to happen in their job situation, either now or in the future. Whether spoken or unspoken, met or unmet, expectations have a powerful impact on our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and play a key role in driving our attitudes. Research shows that people who have clearly defined, well-communicated expectations find more satisfaction and success in their work than people whose expectations go unspoken or unrealized. And companies that employ satisfied, successful people reap the rewards of increased productivity and reduced turnover.
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Time Mastery Profile®
Setting priorities and managing time effectively is basic to managing individual and organizational performance. The pressure to find innovative ways to achieve goals, pay attention to the competition, respond quickly to customer needs, and enjoy life outside of work is even more intense in today's less structured, information-driven workplace. Meeting the daily challenge of managing professional and personal responsibilities requires a learning strategy designed to meet individual needs.
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Personal Listening Profile®
Good communication is one of the most valued skills in the workplace. And effective listening is crucial to communicating productively inside the organization and meeting the competitive challenges outside the organization. The Personal Listening Profile® helps people become active, purposeful listeners in a wide variety of situations for more productive communication.
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Discovering Diversity Profile®
Our increasingly diverse society is reflected in growing workforce diversity. Leading organizations acknowledge that working successfully with others who don't share the same background, beliefs, or traditions is a top priority in today's workplace. Employees need help in assessing their behavior toward people who are different from themselves. And they must understand the benefits of changing negative attitudes and resistance into appreciation and cooperation.
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DiSC® Action Planners
If your organization has experienced DiSC® through DiSC® PPSS or another of Inscape Publishing's premier learning instruments, extend the power of DiSC with DiSC Action Planners. DiSC Action Planners are research-based learning instruments that help people take the insights gained from DiSC and apply them to specific business applications. Available online and on paper, DiSC Action Planners are designed for sales, customer service, management, and telephone professionals. These concise, four- to six-page action planners focus on DiSC behaviors to help people interact effectively with others and develop plans for achieving their goals.
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DiSC® Sales Strategies
Gain the competitive advantage of DiSC® and improve the effectiveness and adaptability of every member of your sales team.
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DiSC® Management Strategies
Learn practical behavioral approaches for successfully managing and motivating others using DiSC® Management Strategies.
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Dimensions of Leadership Profile®
Collapsing organizational hierarchies and increasing workforce diversity has dramatically altered our understanding of leadership. Leadership is no longer seen as one defining role atop the business pyramid, but as a relationship between leaders and followers. Today, leaders come in many varieties, from charismatic visionaries to quiet team players. Leadership is understood in its multiple dimensions, with leaders and followers interchanging roles as the situation demands.
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Coping & Stress Profile®
To avoid the peaks and valleys of productivity created by high stress levels, you need employees who know how to balance the urgent demands of work life and personal life. Even when things are going smoothly, the cumulative effects of day-to-day stressors affect the way people behave. The Coping & Stress Profile® is a unique learning instrument that connects stress and coping in four life areas: Personal, Work, Couple and Family. Learners gain important insights into how stress in one area impacts other areas, how coping resources in one area impacts other areas, how coping resources in one area can be used to decrease stress in another, and how stress, coping resources, and overall satisfaction are closely related.
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Transition® - The Personal Path Through Change
Based on the groundbreaking work of William Bridges, Transition ? The Personal Path Through Change is an interactive learning guide that provides people with a self-directed process for dealing with change. Designed around Bridges' 3-phase transition model of endings, the neutral zone, and new beginnings, this interactive workbook provides a road map to guide people from resistance to acceptance to action.
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Personal Learning Insights Profile®
To be successful in today's dynamic, information-intensive world, organizations know they must encourage and support effective, lifelong learning at all levels of the organization. The Personal Learning Insights Profile® is the reliable, easy-to-use learning strategy you've been looking for. It's designed to help people identify their personal approach, communicate their learning needs, and access more effective learning resources. The results? Enthusiastic learners who are able to more quickly develop new capacities, discover new ways of thinking, and achieve new levels of innovative performance.
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Adventures in Attitudes®
Employee attitude is increasingly cited as the number one performance-related issue of companies, both large and small. Coping with the continuous changes of the downsized, team-oriented, and increasingly diverse workplace has left many people confused, fearful, and sometimes angry. As attitudes deteriorate, so do commitment, loyalty, and performance.
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DiSC ® Indra
In today's streamlined, collaborative organizations, strong relationships yield enhanced creativity, increased productivity, greater job satisfaction, and reduced conflict. DiSC® Indra® is an easy-to-use learning tool that helps people understand and improve workplace relationships. Indra's unique ability to map and measure the relationships of people makes it ideal for a range of workplace applications, including:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Coaching

Available exclusively online via the EPIC platform, Indra offers unprecedented flexibility and control in delivering cutting-edge DiSC learning.
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An Entirely New Kind of Facilitation Toolkit
The Everything DiSC® Facilitation System is the most powerful tool ever built to help you succeed with DiSC. The result of over 25 years of DiSC research, the Everything DiSC Facilitation System offers a new versatility in crafting solutions for a wide variety of organizational issues.

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Everything DiSC® DVD
The Everything DiSC® DVD is the video companion to the Everything DiSC Facilitation System. However, it can also be easily incorporated into your existing DiSC training. The Everything DiSC DVD includes closed captioning and provides over one hour of new training video in 68 individually selectable segments.

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